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Build new websites

Website design is far more than graphics, fonts, and colors. Good site design begins with clever and user-friendly information architecture. Teacrtis™ can help you build a high-quality, well-structured, dynamic website; e-commerce solution incorporating a number of complex functionality points; or a web-based Intranet/Portal Solution with a back-end database.

Upgrade existing websites

Are you looking to upgrade your website to run more efficiently, increase traffic, add a social presence, be more dynamic, contain animations, and generally achieve more? Teacrtis™ can help you:

  • Convert a static set of web pages to a fully interactive website
  • Add a social presence to your site and increase traffic
  • Improve the visibility of your website by adding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Design and install advanced features for your site such as e-commerce, interactive surveys, and dynamic mapping
  • Redesign your website's organization, layout, and look & feel
  • Improve the back-end programming and tools that drive your site to improve performance and simplicity of publishing
  • Create and install editing or administrative tools so you can build/edit your website on your own

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